Terms & Conditions

Date: 2 – 4 August 2019


InterContinental Arena Conference Centre (IACC), St. Julian’s


By being present at the event, participants give permission for photography, filming and
live broadcasts to take place throughout the event which may include showing themselves and any
equipment present at the event to be on the photos, films or broadcasts. The participant allows
promotional material, video game streaming and photography while also allowing the editing and
distribution of such material to be used in advertisements and hereby waive any right to any type of


The participant assumes all responsibility and liability for all damages, loss and/or
injury suffered by or caused by himself while inside the event premises and surrounding properties
owned by Eden Esports, Eden Leisure Group & The InterContinental Malta.

Drugs & Alcohol

Illegal substances are banned from the event, thus the participant warrants that there
won’t be any illegal drugs, abuse any prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs, possession or partake
alcohol, nor take any performance-enhancing drugs. Anyone that will be caught abusing of the above
will be removed from the event and, where applicable, local authorities will be contacted.


By signing, the participant hereby acknowledges to release Eden Esports limited and any
associated individuals and companies from all claims, waiving any right to sue, seek or obtain injunctive
or other equitable relief in connection with the event.

Personal data

All personal data will be kept for administration and marketing purposes. If you wish to
unsubscribe from any marketing material, please contact us on info@qfi.re.