The Nova Series #5 – Gaming for Higher Stakes

For the past 2 years, we’ve hosted some amazing esports events in Malta. We really appreciate the love and support we’ve gotten from all our fans, which only drives us to do better and think bigger. As you know, it takes more than a few LAN events a year to forge a healthy community, which is why we’re now doing smaller, more frequent tournaments online, and at our very own Esports Centre. There also needs to be something massive to aim for, to keep you going when you’ve just lost your last placement match by a round, or you’re struggling in the grind to Global Elite.

This is it. For the very first time, we’ve partnered up with the World Electronic Sports Games (known to everyone as WESG) to allow local competitors to represent our country and potentially take the Maltese flag to the WESG Finals in Chongqing, China, in a number of different titles. We’ve always used our LAN events as excuses to empower people to achieve greater heights, but now we’re happy that we can finally put our money where our mouth is.

We also want you, the reader, and our fans to be more ambitious – being the best in Malta is no longer enough. There’s a lot of hidden talent that we’re eager to reach, and help guide, to the top. We think it’s possible, but will you help prove us right?

About WESG

The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) were established in 2016 as an international esports tournament by Alisports, the sports division of AliBaba Group. WESG currently boasts the highest prize pool of any third-party tournament. The competition differs greatly from that of other commercial tournaments by following the Olympic standard, emphasizing national pride, and encouraging fans to partake in the competition.

The latest edition of the grand finals, held in China last March, saw over $2.5m prize money given away to teams across 8 different categories.


A LAN Party is a celebration of video gaming going back over 25 years.  LAN stands for Local Area Network and traditionally, participants would bring their own computer or console to the venue, connect them to the network, and play video games together.

Nowadays, not much has changed! There are many different reasons why people want to get involved in a LAN Party – spending a weekend with their friends, competing for titles and prize money, meeting and mingling with other members of the gaming community. It’s a great way to spend time doing what you love, while being surrounded by people who understand you and have similar interests.

If you’re attending the WESG tournament, we will provide all equipment, though we do recommend you bring your own peripherals / controller + charging wire.

If you’re competing in any other tournaments that require a BYOC or BYOC + Tournament ticket, then you need to bring your own PC or Console.

If you’re bringing a PC, then you also need to bring your own monitor, cables, keyboard, mouse and headset.

If you’re bringing your own console, you’ll also need to bring a monitor, controller, charger and headset.

Otherwise, if you’re just coming for the FIFA or Rocket League tournaments, just bring your controller, charger and headset.

Everyone can compete, though under-18s will need permission from their parents. Download the Consent Form from here.

For participants, we will have a dedicated sleeping area, though you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag / air mattress as we only offer the space.

Alternatively, we also offer lodging at the Holiday Inn Express Malta. Due to security and space constraints, spectators cannot sleep over at the event.

Yes, thanks to Cynergi Health & Fitness Club, showers will be available during certain times. Soap is provided. We ask that you shower daily and bring your own towels.

Everyone is responsible for their own equipment. Though from our end we will have security day and night, we do recommend everyone to carry their peripherals in a bag with them should they opt to leave the premises.

Sure! All spectators will be able to enter the event from 9am to 10pm for FREE and will also have access to a number of areas.
You might also consider participating in some of our side activities, including Virtual Reality, Card & Board Games, Nintendo and more!





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BYOC + 1 Tournament

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